Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reviving my questioning attitude

It's been more than 5 years since my last post on Questioning Attitude. It's time to revive this outlet for discussions about topics that interest me, but are unrelated to the subjects that Atomic Insights, my primary venue, is designed to cover.

 The world we share needs a lot of help and has many confusing events that deserve the application of a questioning attitude to figure out how they happened, why they happened, what can be done to repair any damage done, and how can they be avoided or reinforced in the future.

 I tried to phrase that to ensure that readers understand that this blog will not just apply a questioning attitude towards events and actions that deserve criticism, but also to those where positive lessons can be learned because good things happened or good people made admirable choices.

 Since we are already well into a presidential campaign, even though Election Day is more than a year from now, Questioning Attitude will also be a place to discuss politics and politicians even when the topic cannot be linked to atomic energy in any way.

This should be fun, or at least intellectually stimulating.

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