Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jim Webb withdraws from Democratic Party primary race

On the same day as I posted a recommendation for Senator Webb to make a full apology to women who serve for the consequences of his 1979 article, I saw a notice that Jim Webb would be holding a press conference.

Before the conference began, it had already become clear that the coming announcement would be a withdrawal from the Democratic Party primary race.

During the 30 minute event, streamed live and archived on C-Span, Senator Webb explained that he had determined that he did not fit comfortably into today's Democratic Party or into today's Republican Party.

He described his views as aligned with about 47% of Americans who consider themselves independent and have major disagreements with planks in the platforms espoused by both parties.

He said he was supportive of the 2nd amendment, believed that affirmative action should be limited to African-Americans and not be a general preference program for diversity that includes almost everyone but poor white native born Americans, and did not like the way that the financial sector was dominating decision making in both parties.

He noted that he was a card-carrying union member, supported collective bargaining, supported Roe V Wade, supported gay marriage rights, had prioritized criminal justice reform while a Senator, and placed country before party.

Senator Webb told the gathered press corps that he would spend the next couple of weeks engaged in discussions with numerous people from both sides of the aisle and that he was not giving up or dropping out.

He said that he had been contacted by a number of people who wanted to help, both as volunteers and as donors.

Within a few weeks he would make an announcement about whether or not he would run as an Independent. He noted that third party candidates have a history of topping out with about 20% of the vote, but also noted that the atmosphere in the US today might prove to be different than the past. There is a growing dissatisfaction with both parties and the way that some representatives consider the other party the "enemy" instead of as the "opposition."

He reminded everyone that loyal opposition was one of the hallmarks and strengths of a free country and that places like Russia and China do not tolerate opposing views or opposition parties.

Senator Webb is right; there is growing dissatisfaction with the available choices; people with questioning attitudes are asking why they have only been offered the choice of the less of two unsatisfactory platforms.

Here is the full video of the press conference from C-Span.

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